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Gov. Edwards appoints new Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority director

August 29, 2018, Mark Schleifstein -- A North Carolina environmental consultant with a history in state government and private wetland restoration has been selected by Gov. John Bel Edwards as the new executive director of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

Guest column: Impact bonds can help restore coast

August 27, 2018

Louisiana has the opportunity to be a world leader in coastal resilience financing.

How the Pelican State nearly lost its pelicans: Saving the Southern Wild

August 23, 2018

On a tiny island north of Grand Isle live thousands of fishers who travel miles from their home each day in search of schools of Gulf menhaden to feed their young. When they spot the fish, they plunge bill first…

Mississippi River’s land building ability is focus of Coastal Connections event

August 23, 2018

Mark Schleifstein | The Times-Picayune- The ability of the Mississippi River to build land when it's diverted from its banks will be the focus of a Coastal Connections event jointly sponsored by the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and the…

Eighteen years is long enough to wait for Morganza levee | Editorial

August 22, 2018

Congress first OK'd the Morganza to the Gulf hurricane protection system in 2000. But the Army Corps of Engineers failed to complete a report on construction that was part of the agreement.

Plaquemines Parish Soil Boring Issues, Procedures discussed at CPRA August Board Meeting

August 21, 2018

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board (CPRA), which sanctioned potential legal action against Plaquemines Parish in June of this year, today was informed that CPRA was able to proceed without the need to resort to legal action to…

Gov. Edwards announces launch of Louisiana Watershed Initiative

August 17, 2018

Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced the launch of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative and a long-range vision for the state’s multi-pronged approach to mitigating future flood risk focusing on natural boundaries, not political ones. The Louisiana Watershed Initiative is officially…

Mississippi River Diversions Could Save Louisiana’s Coast

August 10, 2018

Engineering underway for linchpins of state's $50 billion master plan

Louisiana marks the 50th anniversary of the reintroduction of the brown pelican

July 27, 2018

WVUE) - Johnny Bradberry remembers growing up on Grand Isle in the 1960s and rarely encountering a pelican.

Building barriers: Inside the race to save Louisiana’s first line of storm defense

July 24, 2018

Ten miles from Louisiana's receding shore, on an island that was on the verge of sinking away, new land is growing at a rate of 200 feet per day.

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